(Science) Runny Race

On Tuesday, in the afternoon Taine, Law Doo and I (Noah) Did Science about Gas and Liquid Are Team Name is Minus ,and are Team Logo is X.

We Used 3 Liquids They were Water, Honey and Vegetable Oil.

We Collected 3 Cups For the 3 Liquids, We Put Water in the First Cup, It Took

0:58:22. Then we Did The Vegetable Oil it Took, 10:07:00, Then we Didn’t get any Time for the Honey ,But Taine, Law Doo and I Thought it would Probably Take at Least 1 Hour. But The Manager Named LAW DOO!!!! HAD TO CLEAN THE CUPS AND PUT THE SUPPLYS AWAY ,AND PUT STUFF IN THE RUBBISH .

So We had a Good Time and I am Writing this Right Now. it is the 8th of August 2016 Between 3:00 And 3:25.


Today we went to Lake Eppalock we did 3 things I was in Mrs Stones group. First we did some games with the lake Eppalock staff. First we played this game it was called captain says its like Simon Says. We had to do the act if the person said Captain says. the second game we played was Octopus tiki. It was kind of hard I was a seaweed a few times. The third game was Grab the Bacon we had to grab the ball in the middle. It looked nothing like Bacon. I thought it was real Bacon I would of aten it if it was real but it wasn’t real Bacon. It was Green and Purple I missed it once By Gianni. But the second time I tried I got the Bacon! After that we had Recess well food should I say. Then we went inside and we done these Activity’s. We talked about the Boat Parts. Then on this piece of paper we had to write the boat parts I had no idea what they were called and I got a lot Wrong. Then we had to do this word search it was pretty easy. The first one with about 20 words the second one was also pretty easy I just missed one word. Day 2: I found the word on the word search. After that we had to make knots im bad at making knots after the inside class with Adam we had a Lunch Break my Group was going to Sailing. I was with jay again from yesterday we were terrified especially Jay. We wanted to go back to shore but it was no use. we had to stay in for ages it felt like YEARS! We nearly fell out 20 Times. We had to touch these red Balls we didn’t get the far one I think. I had to do the Sail he done the steering i didn’t want to do the Sailing AGAIN! Than we got back to shore we all got a Free swim. I was soaking then everyone got Changed for a Little Bit The bus took about 20 Minutes then we finally got back to school and Relaxed and we all had fun

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